Recent Work

Yeti's Quest - Full Description

[releasing on iOS mid-June]

Yeti's Quest is a memory-based runner being developed for mobile platforms. The game is rich in Buddhist mythologies and will be fully monetized using a free-to-play system.

I am Programmer and Project Manager for our team, and I designed the overall architecture for our many game systems. For a short time I also took on the role of Level Designer to complete development of the main running paths in the game's eight levels.

Luminus (PC) - Full Description

Luminus is a game about capturing fireflies using only your facial expressions. Using the Faceshift facial recognition software to drive real-time facial capture, Luminus can determine if the player is smiling at one group of fireflies, making a kissy face at another, and even sneering angrily to remove the pesky thorn bushes that would mean the end of the player's fun. A unique game experience, Luminus brings our most basic emotions into play and turns them into a way to communicate with fireflies in a way we normally can't.

Speaker @ GDC 2014 - Full Description

I gave a talk at GDC 2014 as a part of the Technical Artist Bootcamp. The talk was titled Postmortem: Mecanim in Undertakers, and it was an hour-long overview of my experience implementing the Mecanim animation system into our development pipeline mid-project while working on Undertakers, a Wild West shooter.