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Hi, I’m Adam! I’m a game developer working in the field of games for entertainment. I'm currently employed full-time as a Technical Animator at Deep Silver Volition, focusing primarily on creating and managing complex animation networks within a high-quality game environment.

In the future I hope to move back into freelance work in order to support a more nomadic lifestyle filled with travel and adventure. Need someone to do a little work on the side? Let me know!

I'm always looking for...

  • A way to impact communities with my work. Digital media can be very influential, and I want to harness that power in ways that improve everyday life.

  • New and exciting ideas. Listening to the goals and dreams of others is the best chance we have to find and create that 'next big thing'.

  • The opportunity to travel. Amazing people and places are hidden around every corner, and it would be a shame not to go looking for them.

Want to learn more about what I do? Come on in and check out my work, and if you have the time I'd love for you to say hello.

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