Hi, I’m Adam!

I’m a software developer currently making mobile apps with Xamarin and C#, and I’m learning languages like Python and Go through smaller projects (including this website!). I started this blog to share my work and provide insight into the roadblocks I’ve encountered as a developer - both on and off the computer. I’m a big fan of open source, and I believe that sharing our experiences is an important part of that ideal. I hope we can learn a lot from each other.

I’m a Freelancer.

If you need a helping hand, I may be the developer you’re looking for. I’m always adding to my skill set, and I enjoy working with active teams on projects they care about. Most recently, I’ve been interested in mobile applications and ‘small impact’ projects to benefit everyday users, but I’m open to work of any kind. As a remote developer, I’m available to work with you and your friends anywhere in the world, and I’m happy to discuss on-site work if it’s what you need.

Get in touch!

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